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Baby Sweaters

I first discovered this sweater pattern back in the mid-70's and have used it almost exclusively ever since. Yes, there are hats and mittens and booties available, but I've found that most folks just use the sweater and go with the outer accessories that match the baby's snowsuit or bunting. They make the gift package look bigger, but don't really get used - so why bother? A nice warm little sweater with a matching blanket is always used!

These sweaters use ribbons rather than buttons, as the delicate little buttons that would look best are also somewhat dangerous if they come loose and find their way into small mouths.

Adult Sweaters

And no, I don't do adult sweaters of any nature. I tried, and after hours of work discovered that they were just too heavy to wear comfortably. In fact, I gave one to a friend who skis and always complains about being cold. She wore it out on her next ski trip and wound up taking it off because she was *too* warm and it weighed a ton!