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The Patterns

I've tried a variety of patterns over the years, but always seem to revert to the ones shown here - Lace, Basketweave, and Stripes. Why? Because they always work up beautifully no matter what kind of yarn I use, and each has a special memory attached to it.

Lace - I first discovered this pattern in the mid-70's while waiting for my daughter to arrive (we won't mention how late she was). It drove me bananas! At least a dozen tries resulted in ripping it out and starting over while using language that was far from polite! When I finally mastered it, it became a favorite ... and something I've never seen another crochetter use. I've used this pattern in baby-fine yarns as part of a Christening set and in more sturdy four ply yarns as a crib blanket and couch-afgahn, and it never fails to please!

Basketweave - My first Basketweave was created for my daughter's room in her favorite mint green. Fifteen years later, it is on *her* daughter's bed and is just as warm as the day it was made. This versatile pattern is a warm one because there are fewer lacy 'holes' and more yarn is actually used. It works beautifully as a blanket in a four ply yarn, and is the base of what I call 'Cuddlers.'


Cuddlers - I created my first 'Cuddler' for my mom. She likes her recliner, but wanted a light cover for summer when the air conditioning blew over her. Made of the finest baby yarn in delicate pastels, Cuddlers are perfect for older folks who want something light but don't need a full afgahn. They are also sized to be perfect for use by folks in a wheel-chair or as a shawl!

Kitty Cuddlers - Call me crazy, but my cats have their own little blankies in their 'special' places around the house. It was really a matter of self-defense, as it saves on cat hair on the furniture and lets them drape themselves over the back of the computer chairs and sofas without harming the upholstery.


Stripes - The pattern's name was originally 'Forgetfull Granny' which we all thought was just too funny. This is another warm pattern, and can be done in any variety of colors to match any decor. It's great for the back of a couch because the edges aren't square and it makes a different look than the usual couch afaghan.


The Yarns

I only use color-fast, name brand acrylic yarns. While real wool is a wonderful thing, too many people are allergic to it. Not to mention that it isn't machine washable! No one needs to run to the dry-cleaner's because baby spit up on their blanket or Gran spilled her tea! Each blanket is washed with non-scented detergent before shipping, too.

The yarns used include Red Heart, Bernat, Lion's Brand, and Simply Soft. When mixing and matching colors, I use all the same brand yarn so there is no difference in 'feel' or weights.