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Christening Sets

I know, I know, the word "Christening" isn't universal. But these items can be used for any very fancy occasion no matter what you call it. This Christening Coat pattern was first used for my first neice, some 15 years ago, and has been used by every baby in the family ever since. We simply change the ribbon ties to pink or blue depending on the baby's sex.


The Dress to the right matches the coat above, and can be done in any color or with any color ribbons for the ties at the back. The dress and coat can be ordered separately - you don't have to have both if you only want or need one!

Christening sets are special orders - Each one done individually in the colors of your choice with the accent colors of your choice. They are done in ultra-fine baby yarn and are fully washable. Each piece is ordered separately and requires at least three weeks lead time. Sets take six weeks.