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About Us

I grew up in an old-fashioned extended family, with my grandparents living in the same house. To the day she died, my grandmother never just sat in her chair watching TV or relaxing. Her hands were always busy with knitting, crochetting, or even tatting. I was never able to master the knitting or tatting, but learned to crochet at an early age. And I still can't just sit and watch TV without having something to occupy my hands.

Shower gifts and baby gifts were never 'store-bought' - they were always blanket and sweater sets that Grandma made herself, spending hours deciding on the right colors and patterns. And when my friends and I started our own families, that didn't change. What surprised me was how many of my friends said that these were the only hand-made things their babies would have. What surprised me even more was how many of these sets became heirlooms that were passed down to the original baby's first child.

And the tradition started - either she or I - or sometimes both of us - would make a blanket/sweater set for each and every new baby. So, look through the offerings, and select something special for the new arrival in your family. I can promise that each and every blanket here is hand-made with care in acrlic yarns, washed, and packaged to arrive at your home ready for that special little someone who's just joined your family!